News Bytes (Spring 2015)

Our faculty and students have been busy this semester. Here’s a taste of what they’ve been up to.


  1. The Department adopted a slightly modified Program Educational Objectives (PEO) after consultation with the Engineering Advisory Board. The approved PEO will be included in the Self-Study report that is to be sent to ABET in summer 2016.
  2. Following BSEE curriculum revisions in fall 2013, the Department made some changes to BSEE course requirements. Primarily the revision involved changes in course prerequisites.
  3. The Department has a steady UG enrollment. Spring 2015 enrollment shows that 104 students are in the BSEE program. Nine seniors will graduate during the current academic year.

Faculty Corner

Paul Goggans, Dwight Waddell and Greg Snyder (Communicative Disorders) made progress in tech-transfer of their stuttering prosthetic project: The patent rights to one of our technologies, UM7060 Utilizing Tactile Speech Feedback for Stuttering and other Speech/Fluency/Motor Initiation Disorders, has been licensed to a company, HGT Medical Devices LLC.

Lei Cao is promoted to full professor, effective July 2015.

Grant: “A New Paradigm for Efficient Space Communications: Rateless Coding with Unequal Error Control and Data Fusion”, NASA EPSCoR, 9/14-9/17. $750,000. L. Cao, R. Viswanathan and J. Daigle

Continuing Grant: “A Paradigm for Energy Efficient Space Communications: Rateless Coding with Unequal Error Control and Data Fusion” NASA EPSCoR Seed Grant, $29,750, L. Cao, R. Viswanathan and J. Daigle, P. Sukanek (Director, MSGC), 2015 (year 3)

Continuing Grant: NASA EPSCoR Starter Grant, “Metamaterials and Nanomaterials for the Analysis of Absorbers and Cloaking Structures Used in NASA Space Communication Systems,” A. B. Yakovlev, 2015, $29,750 (year 3).

Invited conference presentation: A. B. Yakovlev and H. M. Bernety, “Nanostructured Graphene Metasurface for Terahertz Cloaking of Elliptical Cylinders and Metallic Strips,” The 8th International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics, Metamaterials 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark, 25-28 August 2014, invited paper in the special session in the memory of Prof. Mario Sorolla, 3p.

Matt Morrison and Dwight Waddell are pursuing an exciting project on on-field concussion assessment and management of athletes that is to be funded by x2biosystems. Stay tuned for further details in the next issue.

National Science Foundation BWAC Planning Grant Workshop

The Department hosted a successful BWAC planning workshop on campus during January 15-16, 2015. It was attended by six companies. We would like to thank the following company representatives for their participation and support:

  • Boyd Bangerter, Harry Skinner (Intel);
  • Steve Coleman, Bill Dykeman (Raytheon);
  • John Ralston (X2biosystems);
  • Nikhil Jain (Qualcomm);
  • Ben Barnette (Asset);
  • Amar Yedulla, Tyler Gannaway (Philips).

The workshop was well attended by almost all faculty and graduate studentsof the EE department. Also, Fen Wang from CISC department actively participated in the workshop. The Dean and Vice Chancellor for Research welcomed the audience. Two student posters were judged the best by company representatives and were given $200 and $100 awards:

  • Roopashree Rajanna, M.S. student
  • Wesley Henderson, Ph.D. student

The department would like to thank our Engineering Alumni for their support to this initiative. Special thanks to Bill Dykeman for his extra efforts to make sure that we had Raytheon representation on both days of the workshop.

Students Corner

Undergraduate Research

UG students Ms. Olivia Williams and Mr. Jason Ball are provided research stipends to work on the NASA grant, A New Paradigm for Efficient Space Communications. Faculty researchers are happy to have them onboard.


  • Mr. Hossein M. Bernety will receive the Graduate Achievement Award of the University of Mississippi for 2015.
  • Mr. Tyler Bigham received the Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Electrical Engineering Student award for 2015.
  • Mr. Tyler Bigham was a finalist for the Outstanding Senior award from the School of Engineering for 2015.
  • Mr. Demba Komma received the Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Electrical Engineering Junior award for 2015.
  • Mr. Demba Komma has been selected to receive the Electric Power Associations of Mississippi Scholarship for the academic year 2015-16. The scholarship is valued at $2500.
  • The 2015 Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Electrical Engineering Sophomore award went to Mr. Christian Carpenter.