Center for Applied Electromagnetic Systems Research


The Mission of the Center for Applied Electromagnetic Systems Research is to:

  • Maintain a vigorous basic and applied research program in electromagnetics.
  • Educate students and practicing professionals with knowledge on the frontiers of electromagnetics and applications.
  • Provide facilities and support for students, faculty, and other researchers required to explore new principles and concepts in electromagnetics.
  • Apply available internal and external resources to solutions of specific problems and applications for technology transfer with emphasis on promotion of economic development.
  • To promote exchange of knowledge and experience through cooperative research agreements.

This center of excellence is being established to maintain comprehensive basic and applied research programs of the highest quality in the broadest spectrum of applications of electromagnetic theory and to provide expertise and innovative solutions for related opportunities in applied electrical sciences through education, research, and service. The Center will seek to preserve and create new knowledge on the frontiers of the application of electrical science and technology related to areas of RF, wireless, microwave, millimeter waves, infrared, and optics. At the same time, the Center will seek to educate the next generation of electrical engineering teachers and practitioners that will lead the nation into the wireless-based information age. The Center will also pursue an economic development program to assist, revitalize, and promote the growth of the industry of the State of Mississippi and the Nation based on a partnership with The University and supporting industries from our business communities.