Center for Applied Electromagnetic Systems Research


The Center of Applied Electromagnetics Systems Research (CAESR) maintains advanced facilities for EM simulations and experimental research in RFID, Antennas, and microwave circuits and systems. The Facilities and special test equipment available to CAESR at the University of Mississippi include:

  • Automated network analyzer systems (100 kHz to 75 GHz; HP 8510C, two 8410, 8755, & 8407).
  • Cascade Microtek Probing Station
  • Time and frequency domain measurement capability. Network analyzer capability also includes swept and fixed frequency measurements.
  • NSI 5’x5’ planar near-field antenna range with Agilent E8364B PNA series network analyzer
  • Support equipment including admittance meters, slotted lines and accessories (coaxial & waveguide), power meters (up to 50 GHz with appropriate power sensors), frequency meters and counters (up to 26.5 GHz), spectrum analyzers (1KHz to 40 GHz), digital and analog oscilloscopes, S-Parameter test sets and calibration equipment, and external RF generators.
  • High frequency indoor anechoic chamber 4 GHz - 18 GHz.
  • HP 85070B Dielectric Probe Kit for material measurements.
  • Five - HP8712C Network Analyzers (100 KHz - 1.3GHz).
  • LPKF 91s PCB/Microwave Prototyping Milling Machine.
  • AnSoft High Frequency Structure Simulation (HFSS) Software.
  • Agilent Advanced Design Simulation (ADS) Software.
  • Computer Simulation Technology (CST) Software.
  • FEKO Software.
  • In-house FDTD electromagnetic modeling software.

The center has also access to equipment in the following Undergraduate Laboratories of the Electrical Engineering Department for research purposes:

  • Electric Circuits Laboratory
  • Electronics Laboratory
  • Digital Systems Laboratory
  • Microprocessor System Engineering Laboratory
  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
  • HF and Microwave Laboratory
  • EE Department Undergraduate Computer Laboratory
  • School of Engineering Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Laboratory