Center for Wireless Communications

General Background

The University of Mississippi’s Center for Wireless Communications was established as a natural evolution of the Center for Telecommunications with encouragement and initial contributions from the Mobile Telecommunications Corporation (Mtel). The mission for this center is to meet the challenges of the emerging generation of wireless communications through an interdisciplinary research and instructional program blending electrical engineering, computer science, and economics (especially regulation). The Center is a constituent unit of the Department of Electrical Engineering and manages the Telecommunications programs.

The objectives of the Center are two-fold: research and education. In the research area, the Center seeks to contribute to the solution of problems of national significance by pushing the limits in the application of wireless communications technologies through advancement of the understanding of issues spanning wireless technologies, networking infrastructure, economics, and regulation. In the education area, the Center seeks to educate top quality graduates (at the bachelors, masters and doctoral level) equipped to deal with broad problems in the braod field of electrical communications with more emphasis in the area of computer communications networks, both wireless and otherwise.

The Center has developed considerable expertise in the design and analysis of wireless communications systems, including networks, through its interactions with industry. In particular, the Center has provided technical and research support to industry, and its personnel have also participated in the deployment of wireless personal communication systems.