The School of Engineering is housed in several buildings on the University campus. Carrier Hall, located on the main circle of University buildings, contains the Dean’s Office and the departments of Civil Engineering, Geology and Geological Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Also located within Carrier Hall is the Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering. Anderson Hall,connected to Carrier Hall by a hallway, contains the departments of Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineering also has research facilities in the Charles E. Smith Engineering Science Building located next to Carrier/Anderson Halls. To the west of Carrier Hall is the Old Chemistry Building, which houses the Mississippi Mineral Resource Institute and laboratories for Geological Engineering. Weir Hall houses the department of Computer Science.

Location maps and building photographs of Carrier Hall on the University Circle, Anderson Hall overlooking the football stadium, and Weir Hall by the University Williams Library show the central locations of the engineering buildings on campus. A virtual tour of the entire campus can also be taken to see a 360 degree view of several central campus sites.