Undergraduate Degree Programs

Minor in Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers a minor in Electrical Engineering. Minor in Electrical Engineering requires a minimum of 18 hours of course work. Included in the 18 hours are the following required courses, totaling 14 hours: EL E 235, EL E 236, ENGR 360, ENGR 361, EL E 351, EL E 331. Two EL E elective courses, three hundred or four hundred level, totaling 4 hours or more complete the requirement for the EE minor.


Our Faculty have identified a curriculum consisting of 128 semester hours for a B.S. Electrical Engineering program and 126 semester hours for a B.S. Computer Engineering that support the specific goals and objectives of each program. Our programs are designed to meet these goals and objectives because we believe that modern-day engineering students should not specialize at the undergraduate level. This philosophy is based upon the premise that the amount of technical knowledge in the engineering profession is so extensive that fundamentals should be mastered at the undergraduate level and specialization should be pursued at the graduate level.

Single-page four-year plans

The links below open PDF files with typical four-year plans in a single page format for the electrical and computer engineering degree programs:

The link immediately below is for students enrolled in the B.S. in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Computer Engineering program. This program is not available for new students enrolling after Fall 2019. It is replaced by the B.S. in Computer Engineering program.


General Education Electives

Both the Electrical and Computer Engineering Programs follow the General Education Core Curriculum of the School of Engineering, but require students to take ECON 310 (Engineering Economy). ECON 310 is considered to be a ‘social science’ course and counts as three of the required six hours in the social/behavioral science area described in the General Education Core Curriculum of the School of Engineering.

Technical Electives

Students are allowed to choose technical electives that are a coherent group of courses from appropriate areas to permit the students to pursue particular topics in more depth than provided by required courses or to complement the student’s major area of study. Selection of these courses should be made in consultation with and approved by the student’s department chair/adviser.


Graduation Information

The links below open PDF files with a course checklist for graduation in a single page format for each of the electrical engineering program options:

The Degree Application Process

Step 1

Download an appropriate Excel spreadsheet shown below, electronically fill the grades, save the excel file and email it to the chair (viswa@olemiss.edu). Don’t submit a paper copy of the saved Excel sheet. Any non-completion of a course will show grade F so leave it as is (only successfully completed courses at the time of submission of this form are included in Engineering GPA calculation). The other two GPAs needed to be filled on the application, namely, resident GPA and overall GPA, can be obtained from your myolemiss.

Step 2

Download and complete the Degree Application form, sign the form and submit it to the department chair or secretary.