Why Electrical Engineering at Ole Miss?

Small Class Size

Electrical Engineering students at Ole Miss benefit from a student-to-faculty ratio that is lower than many of the engineering programs at larger schools. Most upper level classes in EE range from 8-30 students in size. The low student-to-faculty ratio also makes it possible for students to receive individual attention from faculty to maximize their opportunity for success.

A Great College Town

Oxford, Mississippi, the home of Ole Miss, has been recognized by USA Today as one of America’s premier college towns. The downtown Square is home to numerous independently owned restaurants, art galleries, and a bookstore The New Yorker said was as good as any in New York City. Live music can be heard throughout the week in numerous venues. Add in Southeastern Conference Sports and nearby recreation areas including Sardis Lake and you’ve got the ultimate college experience.

Well-Rounded Engineers

Engineering students at Ole Miss gain strengths in more than just engineering. The university’s strong foundation in liberal arts touches all students, and those in engineering are no exception. The engineering curriculum includes courses in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts and ethics.

Excellent Faculty

The electrical engineering faculty members at Ole Miss are leaders in research who are internationally known in their expertise areas and have received awards for their research and professional activities, but teaching is also a high priority. Department faculty have won regional and national teaching awards for their work in the classroom. Our faculty want to see their students become outstanding electrical engineers.

Quality Students

Bright, ambitious students make for a stimulating learning environment, and the Electrical Engineering Department at Ole Miss is home to many outstanding students. Students in the department regularly receive top academic awards and scholarships during their undergraduate studies at UM, and frequently continue their education at some of the top graduate schools around the country.

Opportunities for Independent Study

The EE faculty offer many opportunities for independent study. Ambitious students are frequently invited to participate in ongoing research projects in the department that include computational simulation and prototype development. Students in the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College may work on independent research projects in the department for their honor’s thesis work.